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  Passport and Visa FraudOFFENCE AND PENALTIES
(a) Controversy the provision of section 3

(b) Knowingly furnishes any false information or surpres any material information with a view to obtaining. A passport a travel document under this act or without lawful authority, alter, or alterpts to alter or causes to alter the inter made in passport or travel documents.

(c) Fails to produce for inspection his passport travel documents (whether issued under this act or not) when called upon to do so by the personable authority.

(d) Knowingly uses a passport a travel document issued to another person

(e) Knowingly allowed another person to use to passport or travel documents issued to him shall be punishable according to law and also may be fine.

The firm of the attorney provide legal consultancy and help for passport and visa services in India.
The law firm attorney also handling the case under this act in India when the person or persons detained by the police officials, custom officials or any other investigation agencies due to the fake passport, or airport or any where in state/country, or attorney or dealing/handling the case under this act like bail and trials.

Our law firm attorney also used to provide their survive is fake visa cases, registration of visa and also in the case where the visa in invalid and due to certain issues when a person detained by the police officials or any officials of investigation agencies, in that circumstances our attorney providing their services in bail and trails to the person who detained by the authority in this respect.

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