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The foreign decree are not mandatory on Indian citizen but is so many,judgement Hon’ble Supreme court has passed an order or judgment to saying that you should respect the order/decree to the foreign decree can be executable process of law as per law behind through under the Indian law .

The foreign decree can be executable proper channel an as per the law nobody can change that order/decree in India against the said decree or order and there are several procedure to executed decree in India also. Our law, also permitting to execute said the foreign decree can be satisfied. If the decree is related to satisfaction of money, than on the basis of  that decree the Indian court can

satisfy the said decree after attaching. the moveable and immoveable property of the person or company concern and  thus the decree can be satisfied. As per the Indian decree of execution is concern, that decree can be transferred to another state in India .where the debtor is residing or having his or her asset  after attaching  movable or immovable property in the same way.

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